Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Gain Confidence in Exams

Want to be confident during exams? Do you know that exam confidence is built rather than gained? A recent study showed that building confidence is through proving to your conscious mind that you can do it, and this only comes by breaking your fears that crawl beneath your skin.
So what do you think your fear during exams?
  1. Your fear to find questions that you don't know: know that what ever you did through studying there will be questions in the exam that you don't know, and that doesn't mean not to study hard, but that mean to know every little detail about the exam you are about to solve by hard studying.
  2. Your fear not bringing with you the required equipments: don't panic when you forget some of your equipment, your calculator or others, you can either buy it or use one of your friends equipment. Note: it is better to have your own equipment that you are used to use through your studying, this will make you more familiar with the exam and have more confidence.
  3. Your fear to arrive late to the exam: waking up early the two weeks before exams will ensure you wake up early in the day of the exam Note: it is recommended to wake three hours before it, meditate and focus on the exams you pre-solved.
  4. Your fear not to finish before the end of the exam's time: it is recommended finishing the exam 30 minutes before the end of exam's time, Note: solving as many as possible before the exam's time will ensure you have the required timing for the exam, neither fast nor slow.
Now How to Gain Confidence in Exams
Building confidence is by convincing your conscious mind that you can do it and this only comes by the following points:-
First solving as many as possible: this way you are familiar with the exam which will build your confidence.
Second write exams questions before it: writing questions in a separate papers will make you conquer it, because you will be able to know exactly what the question is saying. Note: reading and understanding the questions is 75% from answering the question.
Third use the same equipment you use during exam: using the same equipment that you will use during exam will also make you familiar to these equipments which will increase your confidence through exam.
Fourth pre-solving exams on the same papers you will usethis technique makes you more familiar with exams paper which will also increase your confidence through exam.
Fifth try simulating the same hall: simulating the exam's hall makes you familiar with the hall that you will solve your exams in, which will make you more confident through exam, ask a bunch of friends to come and solve the exam with you and sit among them on a simulating desks.
Building confidence is all about simulating the same environment, this way you will be confident through your exams.

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